Unboxing an Insta360 ONE X Camera

Part of the fun in learning about creating new media is exploring new equipment options. Virtual reality is mainstream enough that equipment for its production and consumption is fairly affordable.

Cameras for 360-dergee video in particular are easy to come by. Samsung and PanoClip make devices that attach directly to smartphones for less than $100, while YI, GoPro, and Ricoh offer stand-alone devices. Of course, almost all of them offer multiple accessories to capture your grandest adventures, such as underwater housings, remotes, and tripods and stabilizers.

I opted for an Insta360 ONE X camera bundle. The camera offers some options I want to check out, had some good reviews, and fit the price range.

It was packaged so well I almost didn’t want to take it out of the box.

Unlike most other products I have ordered from Apple, this one actually came with a small manual to get you started.

One view of the camera itself. The total length is about 4.5 inches.

Another view of the camera itself. The total width is about 1.9 inches.

The bundle came with a small tripod…

and a “selfie stick.”

Two batteries keep the power on and the camera recording.

Adapters allow connections for USB-C, micro-USB, and lightning ports.

Another adapter connects to a computer with a USB port.

And finally, a carrying pouch protects the device from most everything bad in the world.

Hoping to capture snowboarding footage, one reviewer was upset that the device functioned for about five minutes in the cold. Considering today includes a blizzard warning and closed schools and tomorrow’s high temperature calls for a high of -2 and a low of -16, it may be a while before I can try it out.

Or maybe I can borrow a friend’s cat for a video like this instead.

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