Unboxing a Vuze XR Camera

In further exploring new gear, I purchased a Vuze XR camera. The camera does both 360-degree video and 180-degree 3D video. I was particularly curious how this camera might handle footage for an Oculus Go or other VR headset.

The Vuze XR looks quite different from other 360-degree video cameras. Two cameras sit atop a short handle. When the cameras are folded in, they record 360-degree video. With the touch of a button, the cameras pop out like a pair of eyes. In this configuration, it looks like either Johnny Five or WALL-E.

Here is one side of the box:

Here is the other side of the box. Each side shows the device’s two configuations.

The device inside the box.

Quick start guide.

Soft-side protective case.

Carrying cord.

Charging cable. USB-C this time, not micro-USB. The batteries for this device are not removable. If you want extra power in the field, you’ll have to get a separate battery pack.

I also bought the tripod for the device. Here is the box.


Unfolded. A neat piece of design and engineering there. Not sure how stable it would be outside, though.

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  1. Looking forward to know more information about this camera you’re sharing

    1. Thanks for the comment! Anything in particular you’re looking to know more about? I finally gave it a test run this week but haven’t processed the footage quite yet.

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