Unboxing a DJI Osmo Mobile 2

The fun of exploring new equipment continues. The most recent mission was a gimbal for a smart phone. I originally had ordered a FlowMotion ONE in August 2018, but after six months of shipping delays on the manufacturing side, I needed to cancel the order and seek alternatives.

Many gimbals are available. The Zhiyun-Tech brand came up in my research quite frequently, as did FreeVision. Freefly and Feiya are slightly more expensive brands that also turned up in search results.

I ended up going with the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. It cost $150 with taxes ($100 less than the FlowMotion), and it works with FiLMiC Pro app. Even better, it was available for purchase in town without a multi-month shipping delay.

It came with a substantial enough “quick start guide.”

A styrofoam case kept everything inside quite protected.

The device came with surprisingly few parts — actually, only two. One part is a charging cable.

The other part was the gimbal itself.

A view of the other side.

A standard tripod mount on the bottom of the handle.

A view of the controls.

The locking mechanism will prevent you from whacking your smart phone on the table like I did.

With smart phone installed. The app is FiLMic Pro showing the design of the coffee table.

Back view of the smart phone installed. The fit was a bit tight with the Otterbox attached, but I would be a bit nervous adding a phone without some kind of case on it.

The cold here still prevents filming outside, but hopefully soon it will warm up a bit.

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