Documentary Links Roundup

This post is an attempt at doing something different with all the great reading I find about documentary. Usually, I post a series of links on Twitter, but those posts quickly disappear in that site’s churn. Perhaps bringing them together into a post will be more useful and more stable in the long run.

Comics Creators

The National Film Board of Canada maintains a great blog about film generally, abd they regularly feature posts about documentary. With the non-stop growth in comic books and their adaptations, this post offers series of films about their creators.

360 Video

Clàudia Prat shares some lessons in working with 360 video, including considering the mundane, thinking outside location, needing the strong characters, and others.

Whale Watching

Julie Matlin offers this wonderful overview of NFB documentaries about whales.

The Right Size

PBS’s POV series recently announced another forum for short-form documentary storytelling with its new POV Shorts. Submit your short for consideration here.

‘The Last Dance’

Michael Jordan finally gets his own documentary series in The Last Dance, 10-part forthcoming series co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix.

Festivals and Awards

As always, Jordan M. Smith has a great May 14 Monday Memo with news from Cannes, Hot Docs, Sundance, and others. Also as always, Basil Tsiokos offers another festival roundup, this time of the New York African Film Festival.


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    • I make you do a little more work around here… 😛 With all the changes on Facebook and Twitter, at least this way I know that the information is available and not buried under those sites’ churn. I don’t have the budget to spend $2K to promote my post so that MAYBE 200 people can see it.

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