How does this site use cookies?

This site uses cookies to do some tracking:

  • What site you came from (if any)
  • What search engine brought you here
  • What keywords you used to search (Unless you used the big “G,” which doesn’t share nicely)
  • What page(s) you checked out
  • What links you clicked on to leave the site
  • What country your ISP is located in (or however your VPN masks it)

What do you do with this information?

Mostly, the information is novelty for the blogger.

It’s neat to see people finding this site from Malaysia, India, Australia, and Canada. Hi!

If a bunch of traffic comes from a particular link, it’ll get checked out to see why the connection. Usually, links go to the resources pages.

Otherwise, nothing else is done with the information. No selling to advertisers, no tailoring content just for your user experience, no sending a pizza to your house while you’re reading the latest blog post. Homemade pizza is better, anyway.

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