Five Ways to Build Your Blog’s Credibility

Here are five ways to build your blog’s credibility, whether you are just starting or many years along.

1. Consistency

Consistency is key for developing and maintaining your blog’s credibility.

One way is to post on a regular basis. Develop a blog posting schedule and stick to it. Those posts will generate traffic and social media shares, thus boosting the discoverability of your blog.

Another way is to have a consistent voice, which shows up in your connection to your topic and your take on the topic. Writing style is also part of voice, be it narrative or factual, formal or conversational.

2. Community

Cultivate your community through comments and social networking sites.

Some debate exists about whether to offer blog comment options or not. A primary reason to use comments is to build your online community. Commenters, particularly ones who return regularly, become a resource for not only you, but also your other commenters. Further, they boost your social capital.

Interact with the comments on your blog, especially when just starting. In particular, respond to questions and — gracefully — to constructive criticism. Do not feed the trolls; block them as spam instead.

But also follow the conversation to social networking sites. Go where the conversation happens. Never invite commentors on one social network to join you on another just because you prefer the other one.

Further, comment on blogs that align with your interests and blog topic. Make useful contributions to the conversation, such as an additional tip or tool. Never comment with a link back to your own site.

3. Links

Include an abundance of relevant links in your posts. These links should connect to information sources, definitions, and other background.

A lot of research goes into many posts, but writers frequently fail to include their sources or even their inspiration. Including links gives credit where it’s due and bolsters your own credibility as well.

4. About

Always post an “about” page. Make that page prominent on your site, such as in the header or the footer.

Remember that the about page isn’t about you, but about your intended audience. Whom are you trying to reach? What does your blog do for them? Make those points clear before launching in your own bio and blog history.

4. Interviews

Interviews often mean the difference between modest posts and excellent ones. Interviews elevate content and provide access to information and insights unavailable elsewhere.

5. Quality

Quality should run throughout everything on your blog. Templates make professional design easy, and stock images make professional visuals easy.

Quality content comes through carefully written and edited posts. It comes through varied blog topics and post types.

Overall, it comes through adding value to your audience’s lives in some way.

What are some other ways you think build a blog’s credibility? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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