A Workshop on Blog Development and Writing

After months of posting about interactive documentary production and game design and development, you may have been surprised to see a sudden flurry of posts about blog development and writing. Allow me to explain.

When the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic, my university, like thousands of institutions across the country and around the world, closed its doors and moved all instruction online. Teaching preparation is largely an invisible practice, and online teaching only masks that preparation work further. But I, like thousands of others, found myself faced with the challenge of moving in-person instruction to virtual realms.

One in-person lesson I had been preparing was a series of workshops about blogging. The original course assignment required 10 blog posts as part of nonprofit campaign content development. Students already had some lessons in social listening, but the workshops were intended to expand on the social listening with content development, writing and editing, and more.

So I put together a series of posts in place of these workshops with the hope of showing both process and product in action. Adding them here allows others to use them if they see fit. Further, it invites comments and questions, as well as offers links to external resources.

What follows is an overview of the posts and links to each one.

Big Picture

Creativity and Habits

Social Listening

Writing and Editing

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