#Doccreators, An Invitation to Share Your Work

As part of learning more about the creative process, I found the writing of Austin Kleon, who creates short books that push against traditional expectations of creativity and creation.

I read with particular interest Show Your Work! 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered. Among the 10 chapters, one in particular caught my attention: “Think process, not product.” Focusing on process encourages creativity more than fixating on product ever will.

What happens, though, is that when we create — slogging through the rough days and breezing through the easy days — we keep these processes to ourselves. But these processes offer an opportunity to share with others what we learn, what we achieve, and what we retry. We can share what inspires us, who inspires us, and what frustrates us. These processes offer an invitation for audiences to engage our work. They also offer a chance to share.

As Kleon writes in the chapter, “Become a documentarian of what you do.” And then share it online, telling your story along the way.

Later in the volume, Kleon addresses sharing others’ work. As he writes, “If you want to be interesting, you have to be interested.”

Following this advice, three times last week I asked on Twitter what people were working on. The range of responses included projects in development or in fundraising as well as the more grinding work like budgeting and promotion.

Encouraged by the exchanges, I posed this question:

The Tweet reads,

Hey #doccreators and nonfiction #creators, what do you think about a regular post featuring what people are working on? I’m thinking it can include trailers, gear (because gear is fun), fundraising plans, and really anything related to the creation process?

The positive feedback there suggests some interest in this project, so I am going to give it a whirl.

You are invited to share any aspect of your work in progress to be included in these posts. Some examples include

  • An accomplishment
  • A struggle
  • The grind
  • New gear (because gear is fun)
  • A fun or challenging story
  • A question
  • Podcast or sound clip
  • Still photo(s)
  • A trailer or work-in-progress video

If you are unsure about what to share, please feel free to ask.

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