Documentary Links Roundup

Anti-Case Study and a Case Study examines The Cleaners, a documentary that on the surface seems very successful by most standards yet faces a more than $1 million deficit.

Another case study looks at Native America, an upcoming PBS series. This budget breakdown item for Native America caught my attention: 20 percent for “Archival, music and animation.”


In 1984, Sikh holy sites and Sikhs themselves were attacked; thousands died and these attacks deeply impacted Sikhs everywhere. This video map project collects stories and plots them on a map to show how far these impacts reached. 1984 Living History also features the videos on its landing page.

The NFB has an interactive documentary about gambling addiction titled Thank You for Playing.


The NFB also features a great article about cut-out animation.


Apple announced updates to its ARKit. Arstechnica explains how ARKit 2 works in the new IOS. Some see AR/VR as growing, while others are more cynical.

Another Platform?

Instagram has announced its new video platform, IGTV. It could be interesting to see how people use it for nonfiction storytelling, particularly since the site is mobile-based and has more than 1 billion users, most of them outside the United States.

Chasing Portraits

I had the privilege to interview Elizabeth Rynecki, author and filmmaker of Chasing Portraits, a few years ago. Her story focuses on her search for her great grandfather’s artworks, which were lost during WWII. It’s exciting to see the film now on the festival circuit, including DOCUTAH and a few others.


  1. Chasing Portraits looks interesting–I’ve always been interested in that time period.

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